We don’t want to be perfect:

we want to be human.

Work life balance

This is our goal for each one of our co-workers: every employee at Palazzina Creativa is protected by collective bargaining agreements under the CCNL Publishing and Graphics and benefits from a corporate environment that allows working from home, agile working, and flexible hours systems.

Hours delivered
Budget invested

Training Project

We provide all our employees with tailor-made training plans. Not only is this a resource for the company, but also an opportunity for people to grow professionally and personally (and access higher levels of pay!).
Within the training also the PalazzinaTalks: a periodic format where we create moments of meeting and discussion between teams on issues of wide spectrum, useful to create discussion and dialogue 360.


Teamwork and sharing

This is how we do things: we share ideas and skills, we work together. Collaboration between us and the customer generates value in every project.
For this reason, to get to know each other and collaborate better, we organize Meetups: outdoor meetings dedicated to each team (design, marketing, development, management) that allow us to discuss what the team needs to improve.


We do everything in our power to ensure that everyone has access to the same opportunities, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, social background or religious orientation.


We have decided to activate a corporate welfare system, which allows us to give additional support to our employees, in particular to new parents.