274 trees planted 

kg of CO2 compensated every year

We try to manage, as far as possible, sustainable practices and measurable improvement targets. We are committed to sustainability, adopting a mindset oriented towards continuous improvement: in practice, every choice is guided by the effects it has on the environment, society and the future.


Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability seeps into many small day-to-day practices and gestures in our work. Because of this, we have set projects with defined objectives which can be monitored and improved by the year.

Waste management

It’s a daily commitment: we try to optimize the company’s internal waste-sorting activities in order to dispose in a more efficient, conscious, and environmentally-friendly way.

CO2 compensation

We check and review the emissions of our business and outputs every year, aiming to reduce our carbon footprint from the very start, while we also participate in a global compensation project planting our forest with Treedom.

Energetic consumption

Our headquarters is supplied for 40% from renewable energy, and we have currently excluded Gas/ methane. We monitor annual energy consumption. introducing reduction and/or conscious use targets.